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Painter Painter Studio Sessions

Taking an array of approaches to the medium of painting and the role of the painter, the artists in the exhibition Painter Painter discuss their work in this series. Curators Eric Crosby and Bartholomew Ryan extended an open-ended invitation to each artist to help create a collection of dialogues, texts, manifestos, and visual essays about their practice, both in and out of the studio.

In This Series

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Remarks on Surface: An Interview with Alex Olson

“You can excavate my paintings into the parts used to build them,” says LA artist Alex Olson, who opts for transparency over virtuosity in her work.  More

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Painting as Score: Sarah Crowner on Format

“The way I make paintings involves a lot of stretching, a lot of muscle, a lot of ‘body’–cutting, taking apart, dealing with the material,” says New York–based artist Sarah Crowner.  More

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Dianna Molzan: Voguing its Structure

Los Angeles–based artist Dianna Molzan presents a visual diary of the making of her painting Untitled (2010-2013). More

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Joseph Montgomery: Modeling Abstraction in 3D

During and after art school, painter Joseph Montgomery’s job included installing shows for other artists, work that often found him designing gallery models using foamcore or 3D rendering software. He calls one such tool, Google’s… More

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A Table of Curious Elements: Jay Heikes on Filthy Minds

As he’s traveled from studio to studio, Minneapolis-based artist Jay Heikes has carried a wall of tools used to make his art. Interested in how changing the tools could also change the work, he… More

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Rosy Keyser: Medusa Backstory

Here artist Rosy Keyser presents a new video documenting her life and work in Medusa, New York. More