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Presenting and commissioning innovative performances since 1940, the Performing Arts program offers a season that spans contemporary dance, experimental theater, new jazz, avant-folk, new global and alt-classical music, and the multiple hybrids of forms in between. More

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luciana achugar

“Wow. Luciana is a trip. From the dark and creepy exorcisms of Puro Deseo to the psychedelic freakout that is Feel … Form, she knows how to make a scene.” —CultureBot Brimming with rage and desire, the post-apocalyptic world of OTRO TEATRO is a vigorous and surprising investigation of the pleasure of simply being. Uruguayan/New York–based choreographer … More

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Via walkerart.org

“Reckoning with my Russianness”: Olga Bell on Origin/Outcome

Olga Bell sees her song cycle Krai as a search for the Slavic soul. “I hear it in Stravinsky, Shostakovich, and Gubaidulina, and I think I understand it in Dostoyevsky or Bulgakov,” says Bell, who’s best known as vocalist/keyboardist for avant-rock’s Dirty… More


Paul Schmelzer

Rethinking Collections Publishing for the Digital Age

For many in the museum world, the term scholarly collections catalogue can conjure daunting impressions: a book about a museum’s holdings, it involves years of collecting, researching, photographing… More


Paul Schmelzer

Shifting Terrains: Fionn Meade on the Cross-Disciplinary

As the hard edges between disciplines continue to dissolve, the Walker is intensifying its investigations into what artistic boundary-crossing means and how curators must adapt to the needs of… More



27 Facets of the 2014 Rock the Garden Lineup

From Long Island hip hop pioneers De La Soul to the surf pop of Best Coast, from Memphis-based Valerie June’s mix of country, gospel, and bluegrass to Guided By Voices’ lo-fi indie, Rock the Garden 2014 may offer the series’ most… More


Susan Rosenberg

Accumulated Vision: Trisha Brown and the Visual Arts

Trisha Brown’s choreography, especially early in her career, held special appeal for one audience in particular: visual artists. Writer and art historian Susan Rosenberg examines ways that the… More


Alex Lauer

Truth, Not Necessarily Reconciliation: Lola Arias Confronts Dictatorships

Lola Arias will not forgive and forget. When it comes to the military dictatorships that haunt the recent past of Chile and her home country of Argentina, the writer/director doesn’t think it’s… More


Abigail Sebaly

Penino Envy: Kuro Tanino on the Architecture of the Inner Life

The ubiquitous phallic symbols in Niwa Gekidan Penino’s The Room Nobody Knows—including penis-shaped furniture—stem in part from Toyko-based director Kuro Tanino’s former career as a… More

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