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Presenting and commissioning innovative performances since 1940, the Performing Arts program offers a season that spans contemporary dance, experimental theater, new jazz, avant-folk, new global and alt-classical music, and the multiple hybrids of forms in between. More

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Ryoji Ikeda

“A sound and music event that is simultaneously extraordinarily, mesmerically beautiful and also so radically disorientating that afterwards you feel as if the world has tilted to one side.” —Arts Desk Eyes open and jaws drop during this state-of-the-art, immersive digital and live performance experience, the newest work by renowned electronic music… More

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Performing Arts 2014-2015 Season Trailer

In 2014 and 2015, we celebrate the Walker Art Center’s 75th anniversary as a public art center by looking both forward and back. The performing arts season features multiple commissions, residencies, and world premieres from artists as wide-ranging as Ralph Lemon, Richard Maxwell, and Miranda July, as… More


Analola Santana

The Universal Latin American Theater of Mariano Pensotti

Mariano Pensotti’s genre-bending Cineastas is a play that exists outside of the contemporary expectations of Latin American theater. Instead of “Amazonian sensuality” and magical realism, Pensotti… More


Sarah Benson

The Unadorned Archetype: Discussing The Evening with Richard Maxwell

“I’ve always felt there’s an urgency when people step out on stage,” Richard Maxwell tells Soho Rep’s Sarah Benson. “That’s part of why I feel cautious about making things dramatic. It’s already a… More


Martin Friedman

Indeterminate Adventures with Cage

During his four-decade relationship with the Walker, composer John Cage visited Minneapolis numerous times. As Walker director emeritus Martin Friedman recalls, these visits often veered toward the unexpected—fitting for an… More


Joan Frosch

Tales of Home, Life, and Death: Panaibra Gabriel Canda and Faustin Linyekula

In intimate dance works, Panaibra Gabriel Canda (Mozambique) and Faustin Linyekula (Democratic Republic of Congo) have telescoped their immensely complex histories to… More


Olga Viso

Question Everything

What does it mean to present the art of our time? Why do we need a safe place for unsafe ideas? How can art show us who we are—and aren’t? The Walker’s founding as a public art center in 1940 was sparked by a question, and during the 75 years since it’s been… More


Ana Tijoux

La Cultura de la Basura

“Where are the videos showing a woman in her role as sister—or protector, or economic head of family, or devoted daughter, or grandmother dignified in her old age?” In her Artist Op-Ed, Chilean hip-hop MC and activist Ana Tijoux looks at la violencia del cuerpo en… More