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Presenting and commissioning innovative performances since 1940, the Performing Arts program offers a season that spans contemporary dance, experimental theater, new jazz, avant-folk, new global and alt-classical music, and the multiple hybrids of forms in between. More

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Out There 2016

Out There brings startling, vital, provocative, and often joyous new forms of theatrical expression to the Twin Cites. Beginning as a modest two-weekend series, Out There has grown into a full-fledged monthlong festival featuring new global performances, workshops, dialogue sessions, salons, and other activities throughout January. More

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Performing Arts 2015-2016 Season Trailer

The global, multidisciplinary spectrum of artists we have invited in 2015–2016 demonstrate the force of the individual imagination and the power of collective art-making. These 27 events offer a window on a vast and ecstatically innovative world of contemporary dance, experimental theater, and forms… More

A 1978 trip to Bologna to witness “a prepared train”—a happening on wheels, featuring John Cage and a host of Italian collaborators.

Kate Bredeson

Germinal’s Brave New World

What does human communication mean in an age when so many of our interactions are mediated through technology? And how do the ways we connect dictate how we live together? In Halory Goerger and Antoine Defoort’s Germinal, four… More

Cis Bierinckx

Reconstructing Fragments: Rabih Mroué on Riding on a Cloud

In Rabih Mroue’s Riding on a Cloud, what at first seems to be a biography of his brother, Yasser—who in 1987 survived a sniper’s bullet in Beirut—expands to first tell a family story then a more… More

Jerry Lieblich

Daniel Fish’s Cold-Fusion

Daniel Fish’s aesthetic depends primarily upon “the ‘cold-fusion’ of elements (formal, stylistic/tonal, historical, thematic) that would generally be considered incompatible.” Here, in an interview with playwright Jerry Lieblich, Fish… More

Philip Bither

Elvis, Roosevelt, and Living Life Through Someone Else

“In Vegas we saw this impersonator named ‘Big Elvis’ who was extraordinary: a 500–600-pound guy with a beautiful voice, he just sat in a chair and sang Elvis songs,” says the TEAM’s Rachel Chavkin on… More

Rachel Cook

johnbrown: Notions of Visual Evidence

Our cultural approach to evidence has shifted over the years, writes curator Rachel Cook, from witnessing, first-hand testimony, and archival evidence to photographic images and, more recently, forensic DNA samples. We can think… More