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CommissionsThis Clement World

Cynthia Hopkins

A purveyor of outlandishly theatrical fictions, Cynthia Hopkins grapples with the environmental crisis with This Clement World, her most expansive avant-folk rock orchestration to date. Presented as a live documentary film set in and out of the Arctic, the richly narrative performance questions how—or whether—one can act now to maintain a livable climate for generations of people we will never meet. Tag along with Hopkins; her longtime collaborators, director DJ Mendel and designer Jeff Sugg; and an ensemble of Twin Cities–based musicians—Parker Anderson-Genne, Lauren Asheim, Leslie Ball, Erica Burton, Jesse Edgington, Zack Lozier, Crystal Myslajek, Jonathan Sunde, Jason Sunde, Karen Townsend, and Larry Zimmerman—on a voyage of discovery that’s global in scope and playfully idiosyncratic.

Cynthia Hopkins

Photo: Pavel Antonov