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Press Releases Walker Art Center’s Local-to-Global Jewelry Artist Mart Features Unique Gifts in Time for the Holidays

Nineteen jewelry artists will participate in the Walker Art Center’s Local-to-Global Jewelry Artist Mart from 11 am-5 pm on Saturday, November 6. Setting up shop in Friedman Gallery will be designers from Minneapolis to Mexico City, and from Brooklyn, New York, to Austin, Texas. This showcase for the Walker Shop’s distinctive jewelry selection comes just in time for holiday shopping.

Participating artists

Rachael Adamiak (Austin, Texas)
Sarah Chapman (Chicago)
Yen Chee (Minneapolis)
Bridget Clark (Minneapolis)
Lisa Colby (St. Louis)
Peg Fetter (St. Louis)
Carrie Hoffnagle (Des Moines)
Grace Ann Hogan (Bayfield, Wisconsin)
Karin Jacobson (Minneapolis)
Tia Keobounpheng (Minneapolis)
Magally Lopez (Brooklyn)
Marisa Martinez (St. Paul)
Liz Oie (Burnsville)
Tina Rice (Ames, Iowa)
Danny Saathoff (Robbinsdale)
Molly Spilane (Richfield)
Andrea Terhaar (St. Paul)
Amy Torello (Mexico City)
Helen Wang (Edina)

The day also features the opportunity to sample Minneapolis chocolatier B. T. McElrath’s delicious confections from 11 am-3 pm. All proceeds support the Walker’s artistic and educational programs.

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