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Press Releases Walker Art Center Presents Summer Music & Movies: In Dreams

Minneapolis, May 11, 2012— The Walker Art Center presents Summer Music & Movies: In Dreams, July 30–August 20. Pack a picnic basket, grab a blanket, and join us for this longtime Twin Cities favorite as it returns with a sparkling sampler of local bands and a selection of films reflecting themes in the exhibition Midnight Party. The first three events will be held in Loring Park including Minneapolis’ Night Moves paired with Alfred Hitchcock’s Spellbound (Monday, July 30), Afropop pioneer Oliver Mtukudzi and the Black Spirits with Artists and Models staring Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis (Monday, August 6), and Rogue Valley with The City of Lost Children (Monday, August 13). The series concludes at the Walker’s Open Field with a silent film and live music commission by the band Brute Heart playing an original score to the silent classic The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (Monday, August 20). Catch some great movies about dreams and nightmares while taking in the best people-watching in the city. Hosts from 89.3 The Current will spin music between the bands and films.



Monday, July 30

Music: Night Moves

“Night Moves make for a unique blend of psychedelia and twang, and they’ve climbed to the top of the Twin Cities mountain quickly…” —City Pages

Gram Parsons meets Todd Rundgren and remixes MGMT at 2 am? Yep, and extremely danceable to boot. Unclassifiable and catchy cosmic groovers Night Moves features former members of Food Pyramid, Mouthful of Bees, and Battle Royale and is poised to break it big with their soon-to-drop album on Domino Records.

Movie: Spellbound

Directed by Alfred Hitchcock Psychoanalytic chaos reigns as Dr. Petersen (Ingrid Bergman) attempts to unravel the repressed memories of Dr. Edwards (Gregory Peck). The keys to this much-loved Hitchcock thriller lie in the bizarre and beautiful dream sequence designed by Salvador Dalí. 1945, video, 111 minutes.

Monday, August 6

Music: Oliver Mtukudzi and the Black Spirits “One of the Giants of African pop.” —Utne Immerse yourself in the exhilarating rhythm and roots of legendary Afropop pioneer Oliver Mtukudzi. Known as Tuku, he is one of the most powerful creative forces to emerge from Zimbabwe in the last three decades. His husky, mellifluous voice and gift for combining gripping guitar-based melodies with hypnotic rhythms has made him an international sensation since 1977.

Movie: Artists and Models

Directed by Frank Tashlin Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis team up for their 14th film together with all the buffoonery and crooning you might expect at the hands of former Looney Tunes director Tashlin. Lewis plays Eugene, an aspiring children’s author who is haunted by nightmares about fantastical superhero “Vincent the Vulture,” and Martin plays Rick, a sweet-talking painter who takes advantage of Eugene’s creative visions. Dorothy Malone and Shirley MacLaine costar with savvy charm. 1955, video, 102 minutes.

Monday, August 13

Music: Rogue Valley “Rogue Valley has mastered the art of creating imagery through sound … they certainly do make beautiful music.” —Metro magazine Hailed as one of the Twin Cities’ most spirited live bands, Rogue Valley and lead singer/songwriter Chris Koza make music that fills a dynamic spectrum, from surging guitar rock to woodsy finger-picking ballads, all done with “richly evocative vocal harmonies, which shift subtly as the band moves from chamber folk to country rock to Beatles/Beach Boys pop” (City Pages).

Movie: The City of Lost Children

Directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Marc Caro This visual phantasmagorical fantasy transports us to a place where children’s dreams are the hot commodity of evildoer scientist Krank. In the underworld of this strange land, a Russian sailor strongman (Ron Perlman) and a young thieving orphan set off to save the army of children from their dream-extraction purgatory. 1995, video, 112 minutes.

Monday, August 20

Music: Brute Heart Music and film begin at dusk (approx. 8:45pm) Midnight Party galleries open, 6–9 pm Free “You can say they sound mystic, Middle Eastern, psychedelic, kaleidoscopic…. But there is also something so complete in their rhythms, all warm glow and velvet, mesmerizing and dreamy in the repetition.” —City Pages Known for their primal rhythms and darkly mysterious songs, beloved locals Brute Heart (with a specially expanded lineup of players) will present a new live score for The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, commissioned by the Walker.

Movie: The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

Directed by Robert Weine This German Expressionist masterpiece was the ultimate pioneer of the narrative dream twist. Told in flashback with stylistic chiaroscuro, this dark film takes us into a labyrinth of Dr. Caligari’s sideshow, where he mysteriously controls a soothsaying, sleepwalking specter. The amazing set design lends an eerie ambience. 1920, video, 72 minutes.

Food and beverages will be available for purchase at the Garden Grill by D’Amico during this Music & Movies event.

Summer Music & Movies is sponsored by Barrio. Additional support is provided by the Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board.

Summer Movies and Music