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Press Releases The Walker Art Center’s Raising Creative Kids Programs in June Feature Free First Saturday: At Home in the City and Arty Pants: Your Tuesday Playdate

Minneapolis, May 15, 2013—The Walker Art Center’s Raising Creative Kids programs in June include the Free First Saturday Family events At Home in the City (Saturday, June 1, 10 am– 3 pm), featuring a new project by artist Fritz Haeg. Also in June, the Walker presents Arty Pants: Your Tuesday Playdate, the popular program designed to nurture creativity and engage a child’s mind. Arty Pants programs are presented on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month and feature art projects, films, gallery activities, and story readings.

A complete listing of Raising Creative Kids programs in June follows.

Free First Saturdays Are for Families
Activities are free and available on a first-come, first-served basis from 10 am–3 pm. Gallery admission is free from 10 am–5 pm on Free First Saturday.

Families can enjoy live performances, films, gallery adventures, and hands-on art-making from 10 am–3 pm. Activities recommended for ages 6–12.

June Free First Saturday: At Home in the City
Saturday, June 1, 10 am–3 pm

Many species call the garden home—animals, plants, and humans! Come to the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden to help kick-off Foraging Circle, a new project by artist Fritz Haeg, and consider ways that we share the land through a range of activities led by Silverwood Park, Richardson Nature Center, Kroening Interpretive Center, the Landing, and Westwood Hills Nature Center.

All the activities below will be in the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, from 10 am-3 pm unless otherwise noted.

Sculpture Garden Survey
See what you have been missing as you challenge yourself to search for nature hidden in the urban oasis of the sculpture garden. Keep a record as you explore the gardens and then add your data to our giant grid. This grid will visually represent all of the day’s sightings and will give participants an idea at a glance of what normally lays unseen all around us!

Natural Architects
Urban birds accept the architectural challenge every year and build nests for their young that are functional, sturdy, and well hidden! Examine samples of different Minnesota birds’ nests to appreciate their construction and identify the building materials preferred by each “architect”. Challenge yourself to use natural materials to design your own bird nest and then put it to the test!

Live Animals
Meet a few amphibians and reptiles up close… these animals are a work of art all on their own!

Garden City Fort Building
Team up with the staff from Silverwood Park and The Landing for a creative construction challenge amongst the trees of the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. Using sticks, blankets, boxes and rope, we will create a magical human habitat for budding architects and the young at heart. Learn a variety of fort building techniques perfect for secret hideouts, summertime reading or make-believe adventures in your own back yard!

Live Raptors from Richardson Nature Center!
Binocular vision! Razor sharp talons! Winged carnivores at home in the city! Meet Richardson Nature Center’s live birds of prey up-close and learn what puts these powerful predators at the top of the food chain. Discover how these masterful hunters have adapted to urban life and how you can help them thrive.

Art Making: Nesting Ornaments
Birds use a variety of natural materials in the creation of their nests. Attract these feathered friends to your own backyard by offering nest construction materials that can be hung right where they need them – trees! Your neighborhood fowl will be happy to find these bird-sized packages offering fur, grass, hair and other natural materials for the perfect summer home.

Photo Scavenger Hunt
Keep your eyes peeled and cameras ready! There’s so much more than just sculpture in this garden. Search and find the items on the photo scavenger hunt list then share your photos with Three Rivers staff to receive a prize.

Pondering the Pond
Explore life in the pond as we learn what lives in and around our water. A naturalist from Westwood Hills Nature Center will help you identify critters while revealing fascinating information about them and their important role in the food chain. Use a dip net, bowl, and spoon to catch and release these extraordinary creatures that call the pond home for at least part of their life cycle. Learn about dragonflies, damselflies, and many other aquatic macro invertebrates.

Celebrate Urban Birds
10:30 and 11:30 am

Become a citizen scientist and learn basic birding skills you can use everywhere you go. Amateur naturalist Abbie Anderson will share tips for identifying birds by size and shape and then lead a 10-minute bird count in a corner of the Sculpture Garden, collecting data for scientists at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

Arty Pants: Your Tuesday Playdate
Tuesdays, June 11 and 25, 11 am–1 pm

For kids ages 3–5 and adults
Free with gallery admission; Walker members and kids ages 12 and under are always free
What do hip kids and their (possibly) cooler parents do to spark creativity? Attend Arty Pants: Your Tuesday Playdate, featuring activities for adults and youngsters ages 3–5. Join us each month on the second and fourth Tuesdays for art projects, films, gallery activities, and story time. Meet other families for a treat at the Garden Café.

WAC Packs for the Galleries
Enhance your artistic escapade with these hands-on activity packs. Games, story-telling, and art-making will enliven artworks for the whole family.

Free First Saturdays