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Press Releases Walker Art Center Presents Out There 25: Reality/Identity/Myth

25th Anniversary series features Midwest Debut by Rude Mechs, US Debut of She She Pop, Trajal Harrell with Cecilia Bengolea, Francois Chaignaud, and Marlene Monteiro Freitas, and Back to Back Theatre

Minneapolis, December 7, 2012— Over the past 25 years, Out There has brought startling, vital, provocative, and often joyous new forms of theatrical expression to the Twin Cities. Beginning as a modest two-weekend series held in the depths of Minnesota’s winter at the Southern Theater, Out There grew into a full–fledged month-long festival featuring new global performances, workshops, dialogue sessions, salons, and other activities. We celebrate 25 seasons of Out There on Thursday–Saturdays, January 10–February 2, in the William and Nadine McGuire Theater at 8 pm.

Using devised theater techniques, play and fun, outrageous fantasy, myth-making, movement–theater, cabaret, advanced theater technology and design, and live music/recorded sound, Out There artists tell new kinds of truth-filled stories and alternative forms of fictitious real life.

For this season of Out There, we welcome four of the largest–scale, internationally successful productions we have ever presented. In 2013, audiences will see how theatrical artists from Australia, Germany, and the US are interrogating the form of theater itself, blurring lines between reality and theatrical fiction, exploring the creation and transformation of identity, and reimagining the mythic.

Out There 25 Kick-off Celebration

Thursday, January 10, 6:30-7:45pm, Free

Raise a glass with Walker performing arts curators, local guests, and Rude Mechs artists as we celebrate the 25th anniversary season of Out There. Enjoy toasts, activities, and conversations that look at the past, present, and future of this beloved series.

Inside Out There: Workshops with the Artists

Saturdays, January 12, 19, 26, and February 2, 11am

William and Nadine McGuire Theater

Each week of Out There includes a unique interactive workshop or educational opportunity on the stage of the William and Nadine McGuire Theater. Inside Out There offers an opportunity to get the inside story from visiting Out There artists and to participate in classes and workshops with them. Advance reservations highly encouraged. To reserve a spot, call 612.375.7600. Admission is $6 ($4 Walker members) for individual events. Purchase the series of four: $20 ($12).

Out There and Then Some…

Drinks & Discussions in the Balcony Bar

Meet the artists, talk about the show, and enjoy a beer, wine, or a specialty cocktail (featuring Prairie Organic vodka). Open before and after all performances.


Following the performance, meet the artists, talk about the show, and enjoy drinks on the upper balcony of elegant William and Nadine McGuire Theater.


Get the backstory during post-show Q and A’s with the artists.


After the show, head up to the Balcony Bar for a SpeakEasy discussion with Andy Sturdevant’s Salon–Saloon contributors, Walker tour guides, and audience members. It’s like a book club for the performing arts–your questions, your answers, risk–free.

All Month: Free Gallery Admission with Paid Ticket

Enjoy free gallery admission to the Walker (don’t miss the astonishing Cindy Sherman show!) with your paid ticket–within one week of the performance date.


Buy 4: Save 40%

Experience all four performances for a savings of 40%. Call the box office to take advantage of this offer: 612.375.7600.

Single Tickets

$18 ($15) Thursday; $22 ($18) Friday–Saturday

All performances and Inside Out There workshops take place in the Walker’s William and Nadine McGuire Theater. Tickets and information: 612.375.7600 or walkerart.org/tickets

Out There 25: Reality/Identity/Myth

January 10-February 2, 2013

Rude Mechs

The Method Gun

Midwest Debut

Thursday–Saturday, January10–12, 8 pm

$18 ($15) Thursday; $22 ($18) Friday–Saturday

“Immensely funny, abruptly touching physical-theater work…. They keep taking perilous theatrical leaps, but we are the ones to feel sweaty-palmed, nearly vertiginous exhilaration.” —Time Out New York

A gleefully raucous piece about the ecstasy and excesses of performing, The Method Gun uncovers the life of the fictional Stella Burden, actor-training guru of the 1960s and ’70s. Burden’s technique, “The Approach,” was known as the most dangerous acting technique in the world, merging Western acting methods with risk-based rituals in order to infuse even the smallest role with sex, death, and violence. Set amid swinging pendulums and talking tigers, this daring, absurd, and heady exploration of the creative process is a tour de force by these Texas-based theater rebels.

Inside Out There: Rude Mechs

Saturday, January 12, 11 am

Rude Mechs shares some techniques for addressing “the void.” How do you start from zero? Making work from scratch in a collaborative team can be, in turns, joyous and horrific when you step into the room with … nothing. Come prepared to write and move.

She She Pop


US Debut

Thursday–Saturday, January 17–19, 8 pm

$18 ($15) Thursday; $22 ($18) Friday–Saturday

“Rarely do the great questions of life present themselves on stage so spirited and full of feeling, so touching and allusive…. Absolutely remarkable.” —New Zurich Times

Internationally lauded German performance collective She She Pop deconstructs Shakespeare’s incisive tragedy, King Lear, for modern times. Performing with their real-life fathers, the collective exposes the funny, tender, and raw realities of generational conflict, parenthood, and love. Performed in German with English supertitles, this richly metaphorical and spontaneously absurd send-up of classic theater translates into a daringly honest work of reality performance that lays bare universal truths about us all.

Inside Out There: She She Pop

Saturday, January 19, 11 am

During this performance workshop, the stage serves as playing field with rules and tasks that prevent everyday communication and open unexpected perspectives. Learn how to dance like flowers, play weird German games, and make a conversation turn spectacularly sour.

Trajal Harrell, Cecilia Bengolea, François Chaignaud, and Marlene Monteiro Freitas

(M)imosa—Twenty Looks or Paris Is Burning at the Judson Church (M)

Midwest Debut

Thursday–Saturday, January 24–26, 8 pm

$18 ($15) Thursday; $22 ($18) Friday–Saturday

“They don’t make many artists like Mr. Harrell; his sophisticated, nuanced works are not to be missed.” —New York Times

Provocative and outlandish? Riotous and fabulous? Absolutely! This mash-up of parallel dance histories—Judson and Voguing—is a frenetic free-for-all that bounces from soul music to sculptural acrobatics, from elaborate drag (including an eerily faithful rendition of Prince’s “Darling Nikki”) to amazingly virtuosic movement, all mixed as a gender-blender tribute to the power and pleasure of persona.

This collaboration with Paris-based performance artists Cecilia Bengolea and François Chaignaud, and Cape Verdean–born dancer Marlene Monteiro Freitas was inspired by Paris Is Burning, the landmark documentary film on voguing. (M)imosa_is the title given to the medium version of Harrell’s series in six sizes (XS)–(XL), entitled Twenty Looks or Paris is Burning at The Judson Church_. Performance contains nudity.

Inside Out There: Trajal Harrell and Collaborators

Saturday, January 26, 11 am

William and Nadine McGuire Theater

The cast and creators of (M)imosa introduce the conceptual framework and material for the show: “voguing”—working the imagination, contemporary dance, and voguing motifs, themes, and ideas.

Back to Back Theatre

Ganesh Versus the Third Reich

Thursday–Saturday, January 31–February 2, 8 pm

$18 ($15) Thursday; $22 ($18) Friday–Saturday

“Courageous, confronting, intelligent and magisterially considered theatre (5 stars).” —The Age

Australia’s leading independent theater company returns to the Walker with a disarming investigation of theater itself—a humorous yet poignant work for the near future full of rich metaphor and sly transparency. This cleverly interwoven tale-within-a-tale begins as the elephant-headed god Ganesh travels to Nazi Germany to reclaim the Swastika, an ancient Hindu symbol. This epic hero’s journey prompts questions about cultural appropriation, exploitation, and abuse of power (both within the world and on the stage) with unflinching honesty. Conceived by Back to Back, whose ensemble primarily features actors with perceived mental disabilities, this deftly realized double narrative brims with striking visuals and surreal theatrical moments.

Inside Out There: Back to Back Theatre

Saturday, February 2, 11 am

Experience Back to Back’s improvisational performance tools firsthand and gain insight into their collaborative process. Intended for theater-makers, performers, and writers; limited to 15 participants.

Out There Festival Artist History

1989 Out There

David Cale Smooch Music

Rachel Rosenthal Rachel’s Brain

Plus Late-Night Performance Showcase

1990 Out There II

Bad Jazz (Kevin Kling, Michael Sommers, Loren Niemi)

John Jesurun Everything That Rises Must Converge

John Woodall Gim Crack

Plus Late-Night Performance Showcase (Giles Denmark, Christopher Friday and David Lindahl, Gerry Girouard, Steven Kale Kagan, Gene Larche, Ruth Mackenzie, Earl Norman and Patrick Pelini, Julie Ann O’Baoighill, Peter O’Gorman, Savage Aural Hotbed)

1991 Out There III

Ping Chong Elephant Memories

Doris Cypis The Inquisition

Dan Hurlin A Cool Million

Los Angeles Poverty Department LAPD Inspects the Twin Cities

+Late Night Showcase (Beth Gilleland, emcee; Lance Livesay + many others)

1992 Out There IV

Rinde Eckert - Dante New Jersey (Dante America?)

Kim Hines Who Was I the Last Time I Saw You?

John King Permanent Revolution

Ron Vawter Roy Cohn/Jack Smith

+Late-Night Showcase (Heidi Arneson, Azande, Berserks-Savage Aural Hotbed with MNSyncopated Foot Ensemble, The Collective, The Conspiracy Theate, Ronald Dahl Marcela Kingman, Moe Flaherty (emcee).

1993 Out There V

Bloolips Get Hur, Part 3

Paul-Andre Fortier La Tentation de la Transparence

Holly Hughes No Trace of the Blonde

Michael Sommers/Ballet of the Dolls Passionate Journey

+Late-Night Showcase

1994 Out There 6

David Dorfman and Dan Froot Horn, Bullhorn and other works

Alexs Pate and David Mura The Colors of Desire

Pomo Afro Homos Fierce Love: Stories from Black Gay Life

Linda Carmella Sibio West Virginia Schizophrenic Blues

+Loose Cannon (Late-Night Showcase): Heidi Arneson; Brian Sostek and Colin Gee, etc.)

1995 Out There 7

Axis Dance Troupe

Run/Remain The Sherman Preludes and Sit Still

Keith Hennesey, Ishmael Houston-Jones, Patrick Scully Unsafe, Unsuited

Chris Sullivan Bang on My Chest If You Think I’m Perfect

Sam Costa, David Dorfman, Stuart Pimsler; Margolis/Brown; Robbie McCauley; Diane Waller In the Studio (new works in progress)

+Balls (late night showcase, host Leslie Ball) + 2 Bands/2 Bucks (Beangirl/Strap;Period/John’s Black Dirt; Richard for Cerebellum/Grow Like Topsy; Eighthead/Sonny Boy)

1996 Out There 8

Martha Boesing These Are My Sisters

Ann Bogart / Suzuki International Theater Institute The Medium

Pierre-Paul Savoie and Jeff Hall Bagne

Linda Carmella Sibio Energy and Light and Their Relationship to Suicide

+Balls (late night showcase, host Leslie Ball) + 2 Bands/ 2 Bucks(Big Red Ball/Michael S. Simmons; 12 Rods/Gusto Busto; Kitsch in Sync/The Salteens; All the Pretty Horses, Salamander)

1997 Out There 9

Artcore: a Performance Meltdown (all-night dance/theater/music/film Event): DJ ESP Woody McBride; Communique All-Stars; Sal Peen Hijack; Atmosphere/Slug; Own; Ragamala Dance Theater; Sean Kelly-Peg Super Size; CAAM Chinese Dance Theater et al.

Buto-Sha Tenkei Nocturne

Michael Lemieux and Victor Pilon Grand Hôtel des Étrangers

P.S. 122 Field Trips String – Out: Basil Twist, Sanghi Wagner the Elementals, etc.

Wendy Knox (director) Shut Up and Listen: Alex Alexander, Maria Asp, Laurie Carlos, Jason McLean, Luu Pham, Charles Schuminski, Brian Sostek)

+Balls (late night showcase, host Leslie Ball)

1998 Out There 10

da da kamera Here Lies Henry

Hot Mouth (Helga Davis, Grisha Coleman, Ching Gonzalez; Dir. Jonathan
Stone) You Say What I Mean But what You Mean Is Not What I Said

Dan Hurlin The Shoulder

Three Women at the Fore: Carolyn Goelzer, Mary Ellen Childs, Laurie Carlos

  • Jack Smith and His Secret Flix (film screening at the Walker)

1999 Out There 11

33 Fainting Spells Maria the Stormcloud

Anne Bogart/SITI Bob

Improbable Theatre 70 Hill Lane

Shawn McConnelough and her Orchestra What’s Wrong With Wanting to Die in Your Arms?

+Balls Cabaret (various artists)

2000 Out There 12

da da kamera Monster

Elevator Repair Service Total Fictional Lie

Roger Guenveur Smith A Huey P. Newton Story

Zorongo Flamenco La Virtud Negra

2001 Out There 13

Bill ‘Crutchmaster’ Shannon Old Rain

Gob Squad Safe

Improbable Theater Spirit

Tere O’Conner The World is a Missing Girl

2002 Out There 14

Hollandia Voice

Rude Mechanicals Lipstick Traces

Big Dance Theater Another Telepathic Thing

Richard Maxwell Boxing 2000

2003 - Out There 15

Eiko & Koma Offering and Snow

Big Art Group Shelf Life

New Paradise Labs The Fab 4 Reach the Pearly Gates

Diana Szeinblum Secreto & Malibu

2004 Out There 16

Big Dance Theater Plan B

Sekou Sundiata Blessing the Boats

Elevator Repair Service Room Tone

Forced Entertainment/Tim Etchells Instructions for Forgetting

2005 Out There 17

Richard Maxwell Joe

Universes Slanguage

Lisa d’Amour Nita & Zita

Cynthia Hopkins Accidental Nostalgia

2006 Out There 18: Performance Meets the Moving Image

Dan Graham, Tony Oursler, Japanther Don’t Trust Anyone Over 30

Superamas BIG Episode 2

Everett Dance Theater Home Movies

Kassys Kommer

2007 Out There 19

Cynthia Hopkins Must Don’t Whip‘Um

Lone Twin Nine Years

Young Jean Lee Songs of the Dragons Flying to Heaven

The Riot Group Pugilist Specialist

2008 Out There 20: Moving toward the Future

Miguel Gutierrez and the Powerful People Everyone

The TEAM Particularly in the Heartland

Claude Wampler PERFORMANCE (career ender)

David Neumann FEED Forward

2009 Out There 21

National Theater of the USA: Chattauqua!

Toshiki Okada/cheltfitsch Five Days in March

Tim Crouch England

Young Jean Lee Church

2010 Out There 22

Rimini Protokoll Call Cutta In a Box

Radiohole Whatever Heaven Allows

Roger Guenvier Smith The Watts Tower Project

Hotel Modern The Great War

2011 Out There 23: New European Performance

Betontanc/Umka.lv Show Your Face!

Gob Squad Kitchen (We Never Had it So Good!)

Berlin Bonanza

Philippe Quesne/Vivarium L’effect de Serge

2012 Out There 24: Global Visionaries

Young Jean Lee Untitled Feminist Show

Rabih Mroue The Case of the Missing Employee

Chelfitsch Hot Pepper, Air Conditioner and the Farewell Speech

Marianno Pensotti El pasado es un animal grotesco (The Past is a Grotesque Animal)

Performing Arts Supporters

The Walker Art Center’s performing arts programs are made possible by generous support from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation through the Doris Duke Performing Arts Fund, the William and Nadine McGuire Commissioning Fund, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Producers’ Council

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Rude Mechs

Photo: Kathi Kacinski