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Minneapolis, April 18, 2017— Tee up in the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden and let the games begin! The 2017 course returns to the Garden with 4 new holes and 14 returning favorites. Try your luck with the Minnesota-themed “Tale of Two Cities,” take an imaginary ride on the Twin Cities light rail, then play your way through a colorful “Block Party” and a mirrored plinko-inspired hole.

Don’t let the choice between a round of putt-putt and a wander through an air-conditioned art museum drive a wedge between you and your loved ones: every ticket includes free gallery admission (up to $14 value) for each golfer as well as $5 off any $25 purchase in the Walker Shop. There’s always something new to see at the Walker Art Center!

2017 Mini Golf Hours
June 3–September 3:

Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, 10 am–8 pm
Thursday–Saturday, 10 am–10 pm
Closed Mondays and on the following holidays: Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day.

Tee times are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. No advanced reservations; golfers are assigned the next available tee time.

For 18 holes: $19 adults; $16 students; $15 Walker members and children ages 6–12. Free for ages 5 and under with paid adult.

Every ticket includes free gallery admission (up to $14 value) for each golfer. Tee times are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis; no advanced reservations.

New 2017 Mini Golf Holes

Tale of Two Cities
Jordan Hedlund

Grab a friend and challenge them to this subtly constructed MN putt-putt hole. Choose Minneapolis or St. Paul, but be aware the great Mississippi could swallow you up and return your ball.

Reflection of Choices
Chris Crammer

The choice is all yours in this hole made up of plinko-style mirror and color block ramp (great for selfies). Players start at by dropping their ball onto the ramp. Once the ball leaves the ramp players have to navigate through shaped, painted wood.

Bound for Glory
Michon Weeks

Roll down either the blue line or the green line to your winning station. If you get off at the wrong stop, wait your turn in the station until the next train arrives. Players will take an imaginary ride on the light rail, beginning at Target Field Station. Mall of America Station is the end of the line for balls rolling down the blue line and Union Depot is the end of the line for balls rolling down the green line. Players must navigate the fourteen stations along the route, trying not to fall into the station holes.

Block Party
Tom Loftus and Robin Schwartzman

Taking visual cues from toy blocks, abstract sculpture and color field paintings, this hole is sure to bring both young and old into a playful mindset. Hit the ball up the blue slide, bounce against the purple platform and make your way towards the cup in the bright orange center

Returning Holes

Red Haring
Yousif Del Valle, Tom Loftus, Andrew MacGuffie, Meena Mangalvedhekar, and Amy Toscani

Don’t get mislead or distracted by your opponent while teeing off at the same time on this hole inspired by 1980s New York Street Culture artist, Keith Haring.

Putt R. Mutt
Sarah Burns

Pay homage to Marcel Duchamp’s readymade Fountain as you guide your ball to the end of the urinal. Per Duchamp, “the creative act is not performed by the artist alone,” so go ahead and tee up. This hole by Sarah Burns is designed to be challenge.

Peril in the Garden!
Kyle Fokken

Be tempted by the snake in this garden. Aim for the rattler’s gaping mouth to get the ball spiraling down its coiled body. Celebrate success by shaking its tail when a player makes the ball into the hole. Designed by Kyle Fokken

Yousif Del Valle, Tom Loftus, Andrew MacGuffie, Meena Mangalvedhekar, and Amy Toscani

“My fascination with letting images repeat and repeat—or in film’s case ‘run on’—manifests my belief that we spend much of our lives seeing without observing.” —Andy Warhol
Be sure to closely observe the fortress of Brillo Boxes that make up this Andy Warhol–themed design before taking a swing.

Trevor Anderson and Barry Kudrowitz

Maneuver your golf ball through a plexiglass net and a tangle of colorful ping-pong paddles in this hybrid game of putt-pong. Designed by Trevor Anderson and Barry Kudrowitz, this hole offers players a fast-paced test of aim and strategy.

Curling Club
Paul Hedlund

Inspired by the Winter Olympics classic, this hole propels you to avoid the stones and brooms as you bring your ball to the “button.” Matching outfits aren’t necessary for your team to enjoy success on this curling sheet. Designed by Paul Hedlund.

The Uncertainty Principle
Kenneth Steinbach and Dave Denninger

Control is only an illusion in our unpredictable world! Aim for one of the eight holes spiraling up the track and let the Uncertainty Principle take over. Though it may seem random, there’s a subatomic force at work. The words of theoretical physicist Werner Heisenberg will guide you in your quest. Designed by Kenneth Steinbach and Dave Denninger.

Don’t Blow It
Robin Schwartzman

Don’t Blow It! Designed by Robin Schwartzman integrates a sloped jump shot with an oversized gumball machine. Take careful aim at the oversized gumball machine. Get the ball into the coin slot and watch it traverse down a spiral, but there’s only one chance. Miss the perfect hole-in-one and it simply disappears!

Let’s Be Frank
Yousif Del Valle, Tom Loftus, Andrew MacGuffie, Meena Mangalvedhekar, and Amy Toscani

This roadside attraction is sure to stir up some appetites, but don’t let Frank distract you! Remember, you can always go to the Dog House (Walker on the Green’s hot dog stand) when your game is done.

Guess What? Chicken Putt!
Brian Fewell and Cami Applequist

Guess What? Chicken Putt! features an egg-shaped green and a chicken coop maze filled with eggs. Steer clear of the fox lurking in the henhouse and guide your ball safely to Henrietta’s nest to complete this mini-golf challenge.

Jess Hirsch

Designed by Jess Hirsch, Stargazer gives players the chance to draw their own constellations as they travel across the Northern Hemisphere to reach Polaris. As you make your way to the North Star, be sure to dodge the Big Dipper and some menacing constellations like Draco.

Be a Sculpture!
Nicola Carpenter, Bryan Carpenter, Susanne Carpenter and Sean Donovan

Place your feet on the colorful footprints of this elegantly and simply designed hole by Nicola Carpenter, Bryan Carpenter, Susanne Carpenter, and Sean Donovan and become both an obstacle and a work of art for your friends.

Right on Cue
Kevin Weeden

Use the end of your putter as a pool cue at Right on Cue, designed by Kevin Weeden. Angle your strokes around the billiard balls and side pockets, or try to make the perfect bank shot for a hole-in-one.

Take It to the Grave
Holly Streekstra

Designed by Holly Streekstra, this par-2 hole represents a cemetery, featuring artificial turf, a cemetery gate and fence, gravestones, a crypt, and a grave shaped scoring hole. It’s a high stakes game in order to bring your ball to its final resting place. Aim for the crypt, and don’t let the gravestones get in the way. There’s no resting in peace, though—pick up the ball and head to the next hole once you’ve met your maker here.

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Minneapolis Sculpture Garden
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