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The Visual Arts program illuminates the links between contemporary art and life by presenting, preserving, and commissioning the most compelling art of today. The Walker’s renowned collection and groundbreaking exhibitions engage audiences worldwide. More

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Art Expanded, 1958–1978

Drawn from the Walker’s extensive collection of artworks, films, archival materials, and ephemera, this exhibition explores the many facets of the so-called “expanded arts” scene of the 1960s and ’70s, charting a transformational phase in the history of 20th-century art when artists around the world collectively began to challenge, critique, and upend… More

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Paul Schmelzer

Shifting Terrains: Fionn Meade on the Cross-Disciplinary

As the hard edges between disciplines continue to dissolve, the Walker is intensifying its investigations into what artistic boundary-crossing means and how curators must adapt to the needs of artists and audiences in this new reality. Fionn Meade… More


John R. Killacky

The Political Provocations of Keith Haring

Keith Haring’s activism, delivered in his trademark effervescent candy-colored pop aesthetic, is alive and well in works featured in Keith Haring: The Political Line, now on view in San Francisco. Reviewing the exhibition catalogue… More


Jeff Chang

The Ruins of the Culture Wars

“How has the national culture changed over the past half-century that we could elect a black president? Just as important,” writes Jeff Chang in his new book Who We Be: The Colorization of America, “how has it not changed?” Chronicling… More


Ben Valentine

The Internet Is More Powerful than China

“You can never know what is and what is not powerful, but you can always find out what the powerful people are scared of,” says Ai Weiwei. “A state like China looks so powerful, but they are so scared of the Internet, so the Internet… More


Martin Friedman

“It’s Art If I Say So”

“And what exactly is it that you do, Mr. Duchamp?” That question was posed to the Walker’s guest one fall evening 49 years ago during a dinner in honor of Duchamp and his wife, Teeny. “Well,” the 78-year-old exemplar of Dada coolly responded, “I play chess.” Former Walker… More


Olga Viso

Question Everything

What does it mean to present the art of our time? Why do we need a safe place for unsafe ideas? How can art show us who we are—and aren’t? The Walker’s founding as a public art center in 1940 was sparked by a question, and during the 75 years since it’s been… More


Nicole J. Caruth

A Seat at the Table

The metaphor of the table evokes images of folks coming together to break bread or discuss personal and political issues. For Seitu Jones and Theaster Gates, the table is more than a metaphor; it’s a medium. In the Twin Cities, their tables are provoking dialogue… More