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The Visual Arts program illuminates the links between contemporary art and life by presenting, preserving, and commissioning the most compelling art of today. The Walker’s renowned collection and groundbreaking exhibitions engage audiences worldwide. More

Featured Exhibition


Question the Wall Itself

Question the Wall Itself examines ways that interior spaces and décor can be fundamental to the understanding of cultural identity. The multimedia exhibition showcases work by 23 international, multigenerational artists who explore the political and social dimensions of interior architecture as well as its complicated relationship to history… More

Featured Article

By Jack Whitten

Art in Times of Unspeakable Violence

In celebration of Jack Whitten being honored with a National Medal of Arts on September 22, 2016, we revisit the painter’s 2015 Artist Op-Ed, a powerful personal essay on the potential for art in times of violence and injustice. More

Naeem Mohaiemen (Text) & Hans Haacke (Images)

The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Campaign

“Flood a gallery, embalm an animal, smash an object—critics hail these gestures as having the power to ‘shape worlds.’ But when artists sit down with museum administrators and read a list of demands for labor rights, this work… More

Gordon Hall

Reading Things

North Carolina’s discriminatory transgender bathroom bill, the mass shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando, police killings of African Americans across the United States, and the soaring murder rate among transgender women of color: artist Gordon Hall responds to… More

Doug Benidt & Siri Engberg

The Fuse Merged with the Firecracker

“It was the pen hitting the paper, the fuse merged with the firecracker.” Grant Hart recalls the August night 35 years ago when Hüsker Dü took to the tiny stage at Minneapolis’s 7th St. Entry to record Land Speed Record. Today, as… More

Siri Engberg

Live Then, Live Now

On August 15, 1981, Hüsker Dü ran through a blistering set at downtown Minneapolis’s 7th St Entry, recording 17 songs in 26 minutes to create the punk trio’s debut album Land Speed Record. Thirty-five years later, artist Chris Larson channels that energy in an… More

Eva Respini

“Why Can’t Women Time Travel?”

Digital technology enables us to create, duplicate, alter, disseminate, and appropriate images like never before. In this “somewhat arbitrary, and decidedly personal, lexicon of how we might navigate the unruly landscape of ordinary… More

Fionn Meade

Petrified Unrest: Paul Chan on Trump, Violence, and Sade for Sade’s Sake

In Paul Chan’s installation Sade for Sade’s sake, jittering figures, silhouetted on a wall of pallets and toy guns, perform violent and sexual acts. Created in the wake of revelations of abuse at… More