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The Visual Arts program illuminates the links between contemporary art and life by presenting, preserving, and commissioning the most compelling art of today. The Walker’s renowned collection and groundbreaking exhibitions engage audiences worldwide. More

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75 Gifts for 75 Years

One of several exhibitions marking the occasion of the Walker’s 75th anniversary, this presentation focuses on the vital role that gifts of art have played in building the collection throughout its history. While the Walker has always made important purchases of art, often acquiring the work of artists early in their careers, this activity alone… More

Featured Article

Paul Schmelzer

Laugh at Death: Kris Martin on Time, Absence, and Humor

As spring reminds us of the life/death/life cycle, a new work in the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden stands as a marker of such transitions. The clapperless bell in Kris Martin’s For Whom… offers a silent meditation on time’s passage. Here the Belgian… More

An Xiao Mina

An Activism of Affirmation

From #BlackLivesMatter to Hong Kong’s #UmbrellaMovement, the Internet helps activists inform, inspire, and organize around important issues, writes An Xiao Mina. But art and creative expression can play a special role within… More

Gerardo Mosquera

Tania Bruguera: Artivism and Repression in Cuba

Leaving her Havana home on May 24 after a 100-hour public reading of The Origins of Totalitarianism, Tania Bruguera was intercepted by police—again. After releasing a white dove and throwing Hannah Arendt’s book into the sky… More

Taylor Renee Aldridge and Jessica Lynne

Criticism’s Blackout

When a white, male critic wrote that African-American artist Alma Thomas’s art echoes “the special middle-ground pleasures of domestic life,” ARTS.BLACK’s founders had a question: How might this assessment look if written by a Black art critic? Reflecting on their… More

Paul Schmelzer

Further Speculation on Digital Arts Media’s Future(s)

Between technology’s continuous advance and an ever-narrowing digital divide, the future of online cultural publishing is hazier than ever. How will we be reading and writing about art 10 years… More

Kimberly Drew

Towards a New Digital Landscape

With dismal representation by women and people of color in tech and art fields, it’s time to imagine a new landscape of digital art, one that’s as diverse and equitable as possible, writes Black Contemporary Art founder Kimberly… More

Bartholomew Ryan

Homage to the 21st Century

After a 1964 coup in Brazil, intense censorship scattered artists across the globe or forced them to adopt less public forms of art-making. One, Antônio Henrique Amaral, is best known for large paintings of bananas, a critique that… More