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The Visual Arts program illuminates the links between contemporary art and life by presenting, preserving, and commissioning the most compelling art of today. The Walker’s renowned collection and groundbreaking exhibitions engage audiences worldwide. More

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Jack Whitten: Five Decades of Painting

For 50 years, Jack Whitten has explored the possibilities of paint, the role of the artist, and the allure of material essence in his innovative studio process. With compositions that are abstract and elegiac, Whitten foregrounds the material properties of paint—pigmentation, viscosity, and mark—to… More

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This Just In: A Year of Collecting

More than 200 works have entered the Walker’s collection during its 75th-anniversary year, through generous gifts, purchases out of Walker shows, and acquisitions made for the renovated Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. Standout examples include a work by Harlem Renaissance painter Beauford Delaney… More

Coco Fusco

Taste as a Political Matter: Coco Fusco on the Guerrilla Girls

Exploring NYC’s “nocturnal underworld” at age 24, Coco Fusco stumbled upon her “first encounter with a full-on feminist art intervention”: a show at the Palladium curated by the Guerrilla Girls. “This… More

Jack Whitten

A Circle of Blood

San Bernardino. Paris. Beirut. Charleston. What is art’s role in the face of unspeakable violence? In a personal meditation on the generalities and particularities of violence, Jack Whitten links his experiences growing up as “a product of American apartheid” to the… More

Adrienne Edwards

William Pope.L: The Will to Exhaust

As Gilles Deleuze put it, to exhaust is not to be tired; it is the will to begin again. In Pope.L’s performances—which have found the artist crawling the streets of Manhattan in a black suit or consuming pages of the Wall Street… More

In collaboration with Triple Canopy

He Gave Me Blues, I Gave Him Back Soul

A year to the day after Scaffold Room concluded its world premiere at the Walker, its creator, Ralph Lemon, returns for a “memory refraction” related to the work. A performance installation in the galleries, Scaffold Room fueled this… More

Martin Friedman

Cornell Boxes and Cake: A Visit to Utopia Parkway

Mesmerized by curious boxes containing “fragments of the everyday world that alluded to fragments of imaginary ones,” former Walker director Martin Friedman set out in the rain from Manhattan one day in 1967 to visit their… More

Jann Haworth

Working Girl

Initially commissioned as a birthday gift for Hugh Hefner, Jann Haworth’s soft-sculpture Playboy Bunny got a new life following a sexist encounter at London’s Playboy Club in the mid-1960s. A celebrated Pop artist and co-designer of the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s… More