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The Walker embodies progressive design through both the presentation of an eclectic mix of exhibitions, events, and initiatives as well as through the practice of its award-winning in-house design studio and influential fellowship and publishing programs. More

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Lectures, Talks & Readings

Insights 2015 Design Lecture Series

The Insights series brings leading designers from around the world to the Walker to share the thinking, methods, and processes behind their work. This year, don’t miss your chance to see an expanded program featuring five guest speakers: Walker design curator Andrew Blauvelt (Minneapolis), graphic… More

Featured Article

Paul Schmelzer

Design’s “Dark Lord” Discusses the Walker Art Center Black Metal Logo

Christophe Szpajdel, who has created some 10,000 brand marks since the 1980s, may be among the more prolific logo designers anywhere. He may also be one of the most unusual: he creates identities for bands such as Pyre, Vomit of Torture, and Godrot. When… More

Sarah Hromack

It’s Complicated: The Institution as Publisher

What does it mean for a museum to function as a publisher now, in 2015? Publishing is no less complicated an endeavor within an institutional context than it is in the external “real” world, where the presence of a consumer-grade… More

Paul Schmelzer

Further Speculation on Digital Arts Media’s Future(s)

Brian Droitcour, Willa Köerner, Antwaun Sargent, and others weigh in on digital art publishing’s possible futures.  More

Alexandra Lange

Instagram Archi-tourism

Archi-tourism is a web community waiting for its own digital address, writes Alexandra Lange. She longs for a dream site—“Archimaps, Designtrip, whatever”—to map her architectural explorations using smartphone photos. The trick: how to keep that contagious energy as… More

Olga Viso

Question Everything

What does it mean to present the art of our time? Why do we need a safe place for unsafe ideas? How can art show us who we are—and aren’t? The Walker’s founding as a public art center in 1940 was sparked by a question, and during the 75 years since it’s been… More

Andrew Blauvelt

Design for Explication not Veneration: Remembering Mickey Friedman

For Mildred “Mickey” Friedman, curating design was less about acquiring objects than letting such artifacts tell stories within the galleries, “not for veneration but explication,” writes curator… More

James Bridle

The Siege on Citizenship

“The cloud renders geography irrelevant,” writes James Bridle, “until you realize that everything that matters, everything that means you don’t die, is based not only on which passport you possess, but on a complex web of definitions of what constitutes that passport… More