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Quake! Doom! Sims! / Quake 1 / Blahbalicious

Blahbalicious, 1997
Mackey "Avatar" McCandlish and Brian "Wendigo" Hess
Quake I engine, 8 min 39 sec.

"These things always start off as "wouldn't it be cool..." phrases. In this case, it happened while we were watching some Quake movies one evening. After watching the Die Fette Faust demo, the Zerstorer preview, and Operation Bayshield, an innocent conversation of "man it would look so much cooler if it was done like this.." ended with a 36 hour weekend marathon post production session as we rushed to beat the release of Quake 2."
--Wendingo, http://www.planetquake.com/blah/#DOWNLOAD

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