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 by Joseph Beuys

This document is a chronology of Joseph Beuys' life that was written by Beuys himself. First published in 1964 and revised several times afterward, it is an idiosyncratic "resumé" of the most important events in his life and career. Often cryptic (his birth is described in the first entry as the "exhibition of a wound drawn together with an adhesive bandage") and not always strictly factual (Beuys was born in Krefeld, not Kleve), it should be considered a kind of artwork and is an important facet of the public persona he developed for himself.

Kleve exhibition of cold
1921Kleve exhibition of a wound drawn together with an adhesive bandage
1922Exhibition at Rindern dairy near Kleve
1923Exhibition of a moustache cup (contents: coffee with egg)
1924Kleve public exhibition of heathen children
1925Kleve documentation: "Beuys as exhibitor"
1926Kleve exhibition of a stag leader
1927Kleve exhibition of radiation
1928Kleve first exhibition of the excavation of a trench
Kleve exhibition to explain the difference between loamy sand and sandy loam
1929Exhibition at the grave of Genghis Khan
1930Donsbrüggen exhibition of heather together with medicinal herbs
1931Kleve connecting exhibition
Kleve exhibition of connections
1933Kleve exhibition underground (digging parallel to the ground)
1940Posen exhibition of an arsenal (together with Heinz Sielmann, Hermann Ulrich Asemissen, and Eduard Spranger)
Exhibition at Erfurt-Bindersleben Airport
Exhibition at Erfurt-Nord Airport
1942Sevastopol exhibition of my friend
Sevastopol exhibition during the capture of a JU 87
1943Oranienburg interim exhibition (together with Fritz Rolf Rothenburg and Heinz Sielmann)
1946Kleve warm exhibition
Kleve Artists' League "Successor of Profile"
Heilbronn Central Train Station Happening
1947Kleve Artists' League "Successor of Profile"
Kleve exhibition for the hard of hearing
1948Kleve Artists' League "Successor of Profile"
Düsseldorf exhibition in the Pillen Bettenhaus
Krefeld "Kullhaus" exhibition (together with A.R. Lynen)
1949Heerdt total exhibition three times in succession
Kleve Artists' League "Successor of Profile"
1950Beuys reads Finnegan's Wake in "Haus Wylermeer"
Kranenburg, Haus van der Grinten "Giocondology"
Kleve Artists' League "Successor of Profile"
1951Kranenburg, van der Grintens' collection of Beuys: Sculpture and Drawings
1952Düsseldorf 19th prize in "Steel and Pig's Trotters" (following a light ballet by Piene)
Wuppertal Kunstmuseum Beuys: crucifixes
Amsterdam exhibition in honor of the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal
Nijmegen Kunstmuseum, Beuys: Sculpture
1953Kranenburg, van der Grintens' collection of Beuys: Paintings
1955End of the Artists' League "Successor of Profile"
1956-1957Beuys' works in the fields
1957-1960Recuperation from work in the fields
1961Beuys is appointed Professor of Sculpture at the Düsseldorf Academy of Art
Beuys extends Ulysses by 2 chapters at the request of James Joyce
1962Beuys: The Earth Piano
1963FLUXUS Düsseldorf Academy of Art
On a warm July evening on the occasion of a lecture by Allan Kaprow in the Zwirner Gallery in Cologne, Kolumba churchyard, Beuys exhibits his warm fat Joseph Beuys' Fluxus stable exhibition in the Haus van Grinten, Kranenburg, Lower Rhine
1964Documenta III sculpture, drawings
Beuys recommends that the Berlin Wall be elevated by 5 cm
(better proportions!)

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