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The Walker Channel provides live and archived video of the Walker’s public programming, including lectures, dialogues, and performances involving artists, scholars, and critics of contemporary art and culture.

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Dialogue / Interview

Todd Haynes and Christine Vachon with Scott Foundas

Filmmakers Todd Haynes and Christine Vachon join Scott Foundas of Amazon Studios for the 60th Walker Dialogue. Illuminated by film clips, the talk explores the creative process, influences from the history of cinema, and Haynes’s long-standing… More


On Curation, Care, and Andrea Büttner’s Moss Garden

“Caretaking is where the word ‘curating’ comes from. Curare means to take care—to care for something outside one’s self.” German artist Andrea Büttner, Walker Artistic Director Fionn Meade, and Walker Lead Technician Peter Hannah discuss the meaning… More


Andrea Büttner

The Walker presents the first US solo exhibition of the work of German artist Andrea Büttner (b. 1972), including a newly commissioned installation. Büttner’s work often creates connections between art history and social or ethical issues, with a particular… More


Lars Bang Larsen: Turning on the Modern, or Against It?

The art and culture of the 1960s had high aesthetic and political stakes, but less well known is the decade’s ambiguous and conflicted relation to modernism. Independent curator and art historian… More


College Art Association’s Fair Use: Best Practices for Visual Arts

A presentation by Peter Jaszi When can an artist or art historian use a photo she snapped in a museum for teaching? Can a museum reproduce an image from an exhibition of contemporary art in a… More