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Tastings with Chef-in-Residence Beth Fisher

Thursday evenings at Gather by D’Amico feature $5 small plates and drink specials, and limited-edition dishes from a roster of stellar guest chefs who share tastings each month.

In August, guest chef Beth Fisher from Wise Acre Eatery takes her signature dishes from farm to table with homegrown, homemade culinary delectables.

About the Chef

Chef Beth Fisher has been cooking up incredible comfort food locally for many years. With partner Caroline Glawe, she is part of the creative team behind the Wise Acre Eatery, which has won 5 “Best of” awards since opening 3 years ago. With a lifelong dedication to homemade, scratch-cooking using the finest local ingredients, Fisher creates culinary adventures with her unique Southern twist on classic American cuisine.

The Wise Acre Eatery connects guests to the source of their food, most of which comes from Tangletown Gardens’ 100-acre farm in rural Plato, MN, where Scottish Highland Cattle, Berkshire and Large Black hogs, and free-range chickens, ducks, and turkeys live stress-free, hormone-free lives with plenty of room to roam. Fresh produce is grown year-round in the greenhouses and fields. Employees of the Wise Acre Eatery are sowing the seeds, nurturing plants, and tending the animals in the morning, then delivering the harvest to the restaurant’s kitchen in the afternoon—it just doesn’t get any more local than that.


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