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Collections> Browse > Abstract Relief: Archaeology

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Abstract Relief: Archaeology
overall 85 × 120-½ × 12-½ inches
wood, aluminum, plastic, cardboard, tape, magazine collage
Not on view

Object Details

Paintings (Paintings)
Accession Number
in green paint on rev. of blue/foil area “Thomas Hirschhorn ”; in green paint on rev. of blue/foil area “2000 <>
Physical Description
A painted wooden frame spanned and crisscrossed with plastic, aluminum foil and clear adhesive tape tendrils. A board is attached in the bottom right corner on which appropriated magazine images are attached
Credit Line
T. B. Walker Acquisition Fund, 2001

object label Thomas Hirschhorn, Abstract Relief: Archaeology (2000) Walker Art Center, 2009

Thomas Hirschhorn is known for working with an expanded idea of sculpture that operates in a variety of social spaces, including the gallery, the museum, the street, or specific urban communities. Abstract Relief: Archaeology appears at once to be a comment on the aesthetic history of painting, a quasi-abstract map, or a viral cell that points toward the fraught interconnectivity of things. Its components are inexpensive packaging materials, which facilitate the endless circulation of commodities across the globe, and images that simultaneously evoke death, antiquity, and commerce. This approach is in keeping with his tendency toward confrontational juxtapositions of radically antagonistic histories, images, and forms.

Walker Art Center. Extended label for Thomas Hirschhorn, Abstract Relief: Archaeology, from the exhibition Event Horizon, November 21, 2009 to August 26, 2012.

Copyright 2009 Walker Art Center