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Collections> Browse > Homenagem a Fontana II (Homage to Fontana II)

Collections> Browse > Homenagem a Fontana II (Homage to Fontana II)

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Homenagem a Fontana II (Homage to Fontana II)
Nelson Leirner
framed 71-1/8 × 48-7/8 × 1-3/8 inches
fabric, zippers
Not on view

Object Details

Paintings (Paintings)
Accession Number
in black ink on reverse “NLeirner 67”
Physical Description
A painting comprised of multiple layers of different colored fabrics each with a horizontal zipper.
Credit Line
Gift of the Walker Board of Trustees and the T. B. Walker Acquisition Fund, in honor of Kathy Halbreich, 2007

object label Nelson Leirner, Homenagem a Fontana II (Homage to Fontana II) (1967) , 2009

Nelson Leirner was actively involved in a continuous project to challenge the way in which the art world grants critical and commercial value to objects. In São Paulo, Brazil, in 1967, he presented the exhibition Mass Production of Painting—Pictures at Cost Price, which featured a series of multiple paintings titled _ Homage to Fontana_. The artist insisted that the works, composed of colored fabrics and zippers, be sold for no more than the cost of materials. At the same time, he alluded to the contemporaneous success of Italian artist Lucio Fontana, celebrated for his ruptured, sliced, and perforated canvases. Originally, Leirner invited the audience to use the zippers and thereby join him in the creation of multiple formal configurations, turning the romantic gesture of the solitary artist into a participatory and reversible one.

Walker Art Center. Extended label for Nelson Leirner, Homenagem a Fontana II (Homage to Fontana II), from the exhibition Event Horizon, November 21, 2009 to August 26, 2012.

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