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Collections> Browse > No title (My god, was)

Collections> Browse > No title (My god, was)

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No title (My god, was)
sheet 14 × 11 inches
ink on paper
Not on view

Object Details

Drawings and Watercolors (Drawings)
Accession Number
in blue ink on reverse M “Raymond Petibon 90”; in pencil on reverse lower R “RaP 2484”
Physical Description
drawing of a woman pointing a gun at Batman; text reads “My god, was I looking through Superman’s X-ray eyes? "Robin you came to soon.” As long as you’re here you might as well learn something. “I have studied the bats to try to understand Batman’s complex pscho-sexuality.”- - Robin. “The Joker is here, isn’t he?” Now Robin, most women aren’t like cat woman. “Am I still your ward?” Now Robin, if you can no linger accept me fully as Batman, you must not let up your complete trust in me as Bruce Wayne. But I knew if I were ever to fathom this odd, singular creature that I knew less and less, no matter what guise at present he preferred, I would have to realize that for me he no longer lived as a being that could know as either Batman or as Bruce Wayne, but as a third, more complicated nature, that I was just now hoping to begin to understand. Thus life and art, the twin superpowers, had made him profound, many-souled and mysterious, had magnified his ambiguous fate beyond human limits.“
Credit Line
T. B. Walker Acquisition Fund, 1996